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I dated a few guys through high school and my first year of college.

He lived just outside of Pittsburgh and was familiar with the city.

I was not so familiar; I was just going to college there. I was telling none of my friends about my interaction with Cutter.

I stood there, looking like a lost tourist for about five minutes when hands covered my eyes.

I had less than ten minutes to run around the block to meet Cutter, outside of the club. I didn't know what Cutter looked like, he told me he would be wearing black. I scanned the clusters of people in front of the club, searched up and down the side walk and saw no one that resembled his description.

I knew they would think I was a nut case and endangering myself. I saw shows like, "America's most wanted," and "Cops," and "Unsolved Mysteries." I knew what the dangers were, but that sort of added to the excitement of it all.

I knew that if I told any of them, even the closest of them, they would no longer view me the way they did. I had no expectations from this meeting, in fact, was under the impression it was just going to see each other, nothing sexual.

We decided to meet in a public club; La Ga, a gothic, industrial, fetish club in the heart of Pittsburgh.