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Holding hands in public dating

He notes that some public figures use hand holding as a deliberate act to prove that their relationship is solid, but this isn’t something Prince William and Kate struggle with.

Given how obviously besotted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are with one another, it has been noted that they rarely hold hands in public - but why? According to Robin Kermode, a body language expert and founder of communications coaching company Zone2uk, it’s all because of the Queen, he told the Mail.

Her Majesty rarely holds hands with husband Prince Philip in public and, while Robin explains that there’s no official rule in place against PDA’s, the Queen has set a precedent for other royals.

Foxx seems very romantic, the source notes, adding that the actor has performed many sweet gestures for Holmes, and they enjoy being outdoors, watching the sunset and taking in the view together.

They seemed to really appreciate every moment together because Jamie did not leave her side.

The monarchy is allowed to be physically affectionate but they choose not to as a matter of decorum.

Robin also explains that the couple, which have been married since 2011, do not feel the need to prove their love, especially when on official state business.

The stars both rocked wide-brimmed fedora-style hats and dark shades. A Look Back at The Long-Rumored Romance An eyewitness tells ET, "The pair were on a public beach in Malibu.