Start Playstation 3 not updating games

Playstation 3 not updating games

The new game will once again tweak the combat, and will add drivable vehicles such as horse and carriage.

is set to continue with the upcoming game from Avalanche Studios, which should capture the brutal carnage of the apocalyptic setting in its open world sandbox.

Avalanche’s game will attempt to deliver the series' over the top vehicular combat, making use of the kinds of craziness seen in the movies, such as grappling hooks, flame throwers, and explosive spears.

was arguably one of the most impressive and masterful uses of the PS Vita's hardware capabilities, as it actually put the player into the cartoon world inside the game, utilising the touch pad and the Vita's camera to impressive effect.

It quickly became one of the best titles on the Vita (which Sony now seems to have all but given up on), so it's no surprise to see the license arrive on the PS4.

New tools include the rope launcher, basically a grappling hook for quick climbing that can also be used as a zip line, and two different styles of play for the protagonists.

It's definitely more interesting than , the third expansion, will be the largest yet, with a larger story, more strikes, a new raid and, importantly, new character classes for each of the three character types.

will bring the clever fourth wall-breaking interaction of the Vita game to the PS4, and will add new functionality to the mix, including the use of the PS4's light bar to light up the game's world like a torch, and new inputs using the Dual Shock 4's touchpad.

Of course, being a Media Molecule title, there's a ton of creativity in there too, even making use of tablets as additional tools. Also appearing from left field, the game's setting is a little different, pitting tribal man against strange robotic dinosaurs in what appears to some time far in the future after present day man has succumbed to some terrible, apocalyptic fate.

With such a great reboot, there are very high hopes for the second game, and fans love, with more actual tomb raiding, and puzzling, something the reboot didn't really focus on as much as it could have.

Couple this with the solid combat and environmental navigation of the previous game, and this should be another stand out release for Ms Croft.

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