Start Updating an old bathroom

Updating an old bathroom

When your Gmail account gets hacked and a spam e-mail from you arrives in your friend’s Inbox, they may unwittingly click on the bad link that is in the spam e-mail and that link could download a virus onto their computer.

Michael has considered painting her cabinets a color called “Thatch Brown” shown below.

My friend, Michael, author extraordinaire and the fabulous blogger at Rattlebridge Farm, is knee deep in a bathroom renovation and she needs your help.

Last year she and her hubby purchased this beautiful home.

She already has the mirror and the sconces and is thinking of buying the vanity if she really needs to, since she’s concerned how the mirror will look with her existing cabinets or if she can find a good color for her existing cabinets. I’m so dreading the day I renovate my baths because the decisions can feel so overwhelming at times.

Please leave your suggestions for Michael, she wants to hear them all and greatly appreciates your help. I don’t like how the vanity on the other wall eats up the space. Thanks so much for helping Michael with your ideas. Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting at least one or two spam e-mails per day from friends who have had their Gmail accounts hacked.

I’m used to getting e-mails that look suspicious occasionally, but apparently it’s happening a lot more now because I’m getting around 2 of them per day. If you have a Gmail account, you need 2-step verification turned on.

The comments kept me laughing all weekend as more and more folks took the quiz and left a comment.