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The professor’s experiment gives her complete mind control.

Can they escape the clutches of a powerful Latina Mistress?

SARAH Harding burst onto the scene as one fifth of the chart-topping pop group Girls Aloud.

She recently shot back into the spotlight after winning Celebrity Big Brother - but she has sadly split from boyfriend Chad Johnson. Sarah Harding is a singer and actor who found fame in Girls Aloud after auditioning for Pop Stars: The Rivals.

Marsha had political aspirations and made cleaning up the city of corruption and crime a key plank in her upcoming campaign.

The Childress family, owners of popular adult establishments and trade had other ideas.

Ben feels his girlfriend slipping away and tries an applied psychology experiment with subliminal messages on music tapes.

He soon has Beth eating out of his pants with her mother, Barbara, close behind.

Lenny is upset when he learns that Julia is working as a waitress ten years after they graduated, so he realizes he has to do something to learn what happened to her in that time, and maybe to help make things better for both of them.